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  1. Ohiosam

    Martin Archery auction

    FYI- I guess they were bought out and new owners are selling inventory. https://www.proxibid.com/asp/Catalog.asp?aid=149700
  2. Ohiosam

    Just do it

    I’m pretty sure that neither my wife or I own anything Nike. The shoes don’t fit me right when ever I’ve tried them.
  3. Ohiosam

    Just do it

    Not sure if every one know this but “just do it” was inspired by the last words of Gary Gilmore before he was executed in ‘78. ‘Let’s do this”
  4. Ohiosam

    Just do it

    Nike is using Kaepernick in similar ads.
  5. Ohiosam

    Just do it

  6. Ohiosam

    Earl Williams muzzleloader

  7. Ohiosam

    Earl Williams muzzleloader

    Looks like a nice rifle. Lots of small gunsmiths that make a few rifles a year.
  8. Ohiosam

    As my wife says...Gun Porn!

    Nice, classic lines. Is it still chambered in 8mm? That's a great cartridge and I never understood why it isn't more popular in the US.
  9. Ohiosam

    As my wife says...Gun Porn!

    First pull double then single.
  10. Ohiosam

    Eric Church says NRA and Members to Blame for Vegas Shooting.

    Erik Church is the reason Coutry music sucks.
  11. Ohiosam

    As my wife says...Gun Porn!

    I’ve had this for awhile now and I really like it. S&W SW99, it’s Smith’s version of the Walther P99. Walther made the frame, Smith the barrel and slide. They’re striker fired double action with no safety, just a decocker. Being D/A there’s a difference in trigger pulls between the first shot...
  12. Ohiosam

    He deserves it

    Sent from my iPad Admin note: Please go in to your app settings and disable signatures.
  13. Ohiosam

    Ohio Soil and Water Commission sends watershed decision to subcommittee

    By Matt Reese and Ty Higgins There was another round of water drama ’18 today when, at their scheduled meeting, the Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission had their first official look at the watersheds that were to be considered “Watersheds in Distress” through an executive order signed...
  14. Ohiosam

    How to fix a boat leak

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  15. Ohiosam

    The power of an AR-15

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  16. Ohiosam


    I picked up a hitchhiker last night. He seemed surprised that I picked up a stranger and asked "Thanks but why did you pick me up? How do you know I'm not a serial killer?" I told him that I knew I was safe because the chances of two serial killers being in the same truck at the same time...
  17. Ohiosam

    45-70 barrel length

    Smokeless .45/70 loads use fast burning powers, you won’t see a noticeable difference between 18 and 20.
  18. Ohiosam

    Pa restricts import of Ohio deer

    HARRISBURG, PA - Pennsylvanians who harvest deer anywhere in New York, Ohio, Maryland or West Virginia no longer may bring them home without first removing the carcass parts with the highest risk of transmitting chronic wasting disease (CWD). As part of the fight to slow the spread of CWD in...
  19. Ohiosam

    Girls and The Appalachian Trail....

    I have a good friend who’s wife goes and hikes it every year for a week or 2. He drops her off someplace, comes back home, then meets her at a predetermined rendezvous point. Patti is a retired executive secretary in her mid 60s.
  20. Ohiosam

    National Peace Officer’s Memorial Day

    The kids were up last summer for their grandpa’s funeral. They’re terrific kids, with just enough orneriness to not be too perfect😉 their mom has done a great job with them!