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  1. giles

    Anyone else hear yet?

  2. giles

    Must see on...

    We have multiple threads about the latest much watches. Those public land hunters on YouTube or meateater on Netflix, let’s combine those to one thread so we have one place to look when we’re bored. I’ll start with Joe Rogan, Strange Times on Netflix. One of the best stand ups I’ve seen in a...
  3. giles

    Picture storytelling thread.

    Not to derail, but I think we need to run this every month and not limit it to trail cams. Have a “picture of the month” contest.
  4. giles

    For real?

    Although this is cool, who would pay $800 for this? https://www.burrisoptics.com/bowsights/oracle/oracle-rangefinding-bow-sight I understand that it would absorb the cost of a range finder and has a great warranty. But WOW!!!
  5. giles

    Well well well

    What we have here is...
  6. giles


    So I’ve got a buddy from AK that has moved to OK. Begging me to come visit him and he might of just tripped my trigger. His dad has almost 3,000 acres of unhunted land! He’s owned the property for almost 40 years and no one hunts it. Well, he said if I make the trip from Ohio to see him, I can...
  7. giles


    Let the games begin boys! Sack it up!!!
  8. giles

    Never forget

    Every year I think I start a post on this day. Every year it also amazes me how fresh it still is in my mind. This day truly changed my life forever. I can remember exactly what I was doing that day and even the smell in the air. Stay safe out there people, it can all be taken away and change...
  9. giles

    36 today

    36 today and no one cares... 36 today and has 40,116 post and no one cares... 36 today with 1,574 likes and no one cares... 36 today and a 10 year anneversary, Sumbitch! I care about that!!!! Congrats Jesse, on 36 years and 10 years with Tracy!!! I do care buddy, just want you to feel...
  10. giles

    2018-19 Ohio regulations

    http://wildlife.ohiodnr.gov/portals/wildlife/pdfs/hunting/2018-19%20Ohio%20Hunting%20Regs_Web.pdf I finally took some time to look over this years regs. Noticed a few things worth noting. Public land doe’s...Note the changes people! Page 7 CWD areas have some changes as well for the next 3...
  11. giles

    23rd of August...

    38 years ago an angry little fella came into this world to walk around telling people to piss off. Happy birthday Dustin! I’m still looking into that shower drain blender thing, I haven’t forgotten. Represent!
  12. giles

    New spot with lots of hunters

    So I scored a new local spot and it possibly has more people then a public spot. Potential in the area is damn high and from what I can tell, the deer numbers are better then average. Property is mostly ag with a couple of shallow valleys, surrounded by a cattle farmer and CRP. Small woods (15...
  13. giles

    Earl Williams muzzleloader

    Anyone ever heard of him. Mountain man from Tennessee is the word I got. Helping a fella move today I seen a home build ML leaning in the corner. Peaked my interest... I asked a few questions and this guy and his uncle helped build Earl a garage back in 1986 and payment was this gun. Guy isn’t a...
  14. giles

    Deal of the day

    Since Joe added the side bar with amazon on it, I’ve clicked on it every now and then and always see crazy good deals and end up sharing them with someone. Today’s deal is for @xbowguy...
  15. giles

    Chance at some deer

    Got a text a few minutes ago from a fella about a chance to be in a drawing hunt. Figure some of you guys might be interested too. Could be worth the $5! http://yourradioplace.com/community-news/odnr-offering-hunters-prime-territory-hunting-opportunity/ Good luck. I haven’t made it down the...
  16. giles

    Get excited!

    I’m playing the Roco in Boondocks Saints in my mind about getting excited 😂
  17. giles

    Shark week

    I know I’m not the only one into this! Some interesting stuff.
  18. giles

    Hamilton county sales tax increase

    So a couple of people can raise a sales tax and it doesn’t even need to go to vote?! That ain’t right...about to see a sales tax increase folks. 7.2% sales tax
  19. giles


    I know this is far fetched but my circle is small and you guys are all I got. Kody turns 11 on Thursday and he’s a gamer, I am not...hate the damn things honestly. But it’s what he does so I am whiling to buy him a Xbox or PlayStation this year. Just have no clue on what’s better or if this is...
  20. giles

    Weather App

    I thought we had a thread for this already...I couldn’t find it. Anyways, I’ve been using the same app for years under a few different names. This time they are charging for the change and the reviews say it sucks. I ain’t paying for a downgrade! I like surface wind and lightening tracker...