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  1. bigten05

    Illinois deer tour

    Good luck knock one down when your out there
  2. bigten05

    Huntress Mikki

    Ill be looking for a iks thread
  3. bigten05

    2018 Rut Report, County & Conditions

    Id say bucks are moving to new areas i havent had a buck on cam yet this year where savannah shot her doe and now there is a pretty good one in there almost everyday for the last week.
  4. bigten05

    LIVE from the stand 2018-19

    Horrible wind here tonight. About 30 mph they are pkcking the corn across from the house sonit should get good for savannahs spot
  5. bigten05

    October TrailCam Picture Contest Entry.

    Ill switch my picture out with this one. Its me and savannah as we got out to track her deer.
  6. bigten05

    Anyone else hear yet?

    Congrats i knew giles would be the one with a ball sack pic😁
  7. bigten05

    2018 Rut Report, County & Conditions

    had a buddy ask me the other night why bucks a chasing does, i said little bucks? he said yeah, i told him forget he even saw it because its not even close to being the rut yet. but he didnt know why the bucks were messing with the does:unsure:
  8. bigten05

    Bigtens 2018/2019 season

    Ive been waiting for this one to come back. We seen some good bucks this weekend and about killed two in the 140s it was really close.
  9. bigten05

    1023's 2018 Trail Cam Pics

    Good luck
  10. bigten05

    Team Hercules

    Did a hang and hunt today now just hoping he comes back by tonight
  11. bigten05

    October TrailCam Picture Contest Entry.

    Heres one i just got today
  12. bigten05

    Doggone good dog thread

    Every white shepard ive had has been crazy. Really good dogs but they werent wrapped to tight.
  13. bigten05

    Team Hercules

    Last night was not what I was expecting. We got skunked. We will see what happens tonight.
  14. bigten05

    Team Hercules

    Heading out tonight with Savannah gonna sit a blind on a freshly picked corn field
  15. bigten05


    What a buck congrats
  16. bigten05

    Bigtens 2018/2019 season

    Checked a couple cams yesterday
  17. bigten05

    Annual Veterans Hunt 2018

    Good luck
  18. bigten05

    Team Hercules

    Hunted across from my house tonight with savannah. Didn't see anything but I did learn all the gossip going on in first grade. The drama has already started lol.And learned how to do some letters in sign language. ( Her aunt teachs deaf kids and savannah has a cousin that is deaf and she has...
  19. bigten05

    Team Hercules

    Savannah's got another tag burning a hole in her pocket she's amped up. I originally told her only a buck now since we won't need the meat but I do think think I can tell her no she can't shoot one if it comes thru. I think she wants to hold off for a buck tho.