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  1. Boarhead

    If you see a lot of fire trucks

    Happy Bday
  2. Boarhead

    Ol Brock

  3. Boarhead

    RIP Toby Keith

  4. Boarhead

    Friday Night Jukebox

  5. Boarhead

    2024 shed season

    Found a few so far but gonna wait until March gets here..saw 11 bucks holding both sides last week.
  6. Boarhead

    The Adventures of Bo and Cole

    How's the tick population down there Cole? @002
  7. Boarhead

    Looking to buy coyotes

    Damn just read through this thread again. Holy shit it was funny. Jerkalope and Twat Clowns..old Ken needs to come back for awhile so him and Joe can go a few more rounds. 😂😂😂
  8. Boarhead

    Which one for you?

    Hell a 170" over ducks would be fine. 200" even better.
  9. Boarhead

    Jason Kelce

    The Super bowls on today...ha I'm watching guys hunt cape buffalo...#FNFL😂😂[
  10. Boarhead

    How to tag bucks with trash?

    Let em come on in..I have metal tags for alot of my bucks and turkeys..everything else they have on file in their system.
  11. Boarhead

    How to tag bucks with trash?

    I always liked the check stations..was fun seeing the deer getting checked in.
  12. Boarhead

    How to tag bucks with trash?

    I don't think they are gonna mess with a guy that crawls in Coyote dens. Lol I really doubt they would waste their time on something like that.. BUT! I bet they would if it were a new state or world record buck. They would come snatch that rack up really quick.
  13. Boarhead

    RIP Toby Keith

  14. Boarhead

    RIP Toby Keith

  15. Boarhead

    Final deer season harvest numbers

  16. Boarhead

    cold shot

    Good shootin. Will be glad when I can start shooting again..probably not till Summer.
  17. Boarhead

    Clinton county giant?

    It's official! You are an Old Fart now. Lol
  18. Boarhead

    What's good TOO?

    J now that I look at it that guy running looks alot like @OO2 Cole😂😂
  19. Boarhead

    What's good TOO?

    Went for my 6 week post op visit with my surgeon this morning. Said I was doing great and will now start 6 weeks of PT. Told me I can start some light weight training at home..just finished some light cable workouts on my shoulders, chest and triceps. Felt good but it's gonna take some time to...
  20. Boarhead

    Poacher busted

    Yep you post those big bucks on social media anymore and their are alot of lurkers trying to figure out where you hunt. Stupid people