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  1. hickslawns

    Excaliber search and questions

    Ask Brock. Years ago I bought one for my son based on his experience and opinion. Hasn't been shot a ton but you pull it out, shoot a few bolts, shoot.a few with broad heads, and go hunt. Probably jinxed myself now, but they are the 12v Cummins diesel of the crossbow world. Slow. Heavy. Loud...
  2. hickslawns

    My mother

    I'm sorry for your loss.
  3. hickslawns

    Random weather thread

    Think I heard just shy of 10" of rain the last 6 or 8 weeks. Much higher than our average. Following a winter that didn't give us any snow. . . .and now the rain is killing spring revenue. Please don't complain too much though. Mother Nature will flip the switch and go straight to hot and dry on...
  4. hickslawns

    Head phones/Ear Buds

    Do NOT buy the IsoTunes. I did and they aren't great. Can't hear the music. Really not the best noise canceling.
  5. hickslawns

    I have met the enemy and they are us

    I'm ignorant here but maybe you guys can enlighten me. In my area there are lots of farms and the ground is flat. The farmers often remove fence rows or entire sections of woods to add a fraction of an acre of tillable ground. In spite of this, we are seeing an increase in turkeys. We have only...
  6. hickslawns

    Hicks Lawn Services truck racing

    Loose nut behind the wheel. Lol Track was loose. On that front stretch there was water running across the track. Draining from under the grandstands and into the infield. Get in the corners and it was dusty. As the night progressed it got more dusty. Odd conditions. And honestly, some of that...
  7. hickslawns

    Hicks Lawn Services truck racing

    I don't know @finelyshedded. Depends on the length and shape of the track. This one is more of a round bull ring type track versus some which are more like paper clip shapes. I'd guess 60 give or take 10mph? Maybe a little faster? If their transponders were working I could take lap times and...
  8. hickslawns

    Taco project

    Are he floor pans okay? If so, I would think Google will lead you to some sheet metal easy enough. Superduty rockers and cab corners weren't terrible. Never done a Tacoma though.
  9. hickslawns

    Hicks Lawn Services truck racing

    Thanks Clay! And pay no attention to the sun visor and roof flapping in the wind. First race shake down. This NEEDS to be addressed. Definitely a distraction. Can't be helping lap times. I don't think aerodynamics are a huge factor in our class but this is clearly working against me. Lol
  10. hickslawns

    Hicks Lawn Services truck racing

    Started 3rd in my heat. Finished 1st. Started 4th in the feature. Moved up to 2nd pretty quick. Hing on a lap or two. Ran neck and neck with the guy a few more laps. Held onto third. Hard to complain about these results. 2 years ago I would have been fighting mid pack with the same motor I am...
  11. hickslawns

    Clinton county giant?

    I concur with much of this. Not all. I do believe there are more good than bad out there. We just don't hear as many of the feel good stories. If check points were still around you could hear the local feel good stories just hanging out for a day. Not everyone is on social media and even the...
  12. hickslawns

    Be sure to look up ....

    Eclipse had us all staring up at the sky. What did we ingest? Now getting dose number 2 of whatever they are feeding us? 🤣 Can't see it much with the naked eye. Cell phone cameras bring it out clearly? You mean. . . .a filter? Yes. Those thoughts crossed my mind and I chuckled. I don't think...
  13. hickslawns

    Hicks Lawn Services truck racing

    And as was expected: tonight was rained out. Hoping the rains hold off tonight or remain very light. Tomorrow is Waynesfield Raceway Park. They moved start times earlier to accommodate the cooler temps. Hoping it isn't too early for it to dry out with the predicted rains tonight. We shall see.
  14. hickslawns

    Lithium Batteries?

    Two of you? Oh no! Everyone run for the hills! 🤣 Might have to give him a shout. Does he do a lot of variations? As in, something for a car, or big truck, or loader, or deep cycle marine?
  15. hickslawns

    Random weather thread

    Sounds like Mercer County took another hit last night as well. Property damage. Downed power lines. Rerouted traffic off a state route. No injuries.
  16. hickslawns

    Hicks Lawn Services truck racing

    Thanks Clay. I enjoy it. I know a handful on TOO follow along and seem to enjoy it. I'll share and attempt to not over share. If you aren't following the FB page, that is a way to get more updates or sometimes just a bit quicker updates. I'm not here to solicit, but I don't turn down...
  17. hickslawns

    Random weather thread

    We were under tornado warning for a bit. I watched from the front porch. Funnel clouds spotted in Mercer county and I think they said Auglaize county as well. I'm a mile north of Auglaize. Saw pics north of us with funnel clouds in a couple places. Maybe Continental and Paulding? Hope everyone...
  18. hickslawns

    Hicks Lawn Services truck racing

    Friday night is Limaland Motorsports Park for our opener. Saturday is Waynesfield Raceway Park. Got the wrap put on the truck today. Stumbled and bumbled my way through my first Facebook Live post. Awkward and clunky much? Yep. Without further adieux. . . Unveiling the Warriors Way #17 truck...