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  1. Isaacorps

    LIVE from the stand 2018-19

    So...haven’t seen this fired up yet. Can’t wait for all the live updates beginning tomorrow! Good luck all!
  2. Isaacorps

    Isaac 2018 pics

    I didn’t run any mineral sites this year and have only had one camera soaking since turkey season. Placed it on a trail and told myself “what the hell, I’ll come back and check at the end of summer”. I’m going with the less is more approach this year, just a couple cameras on trails, no bait...
  3. Isaacorps

    Go rest high...

    I hesitate to post this as I know there are far bigger problems in this world but I hope this will be well received. My younger and only brother left this world to be with his creator one week ago today. The past few days have been a blur of tears, laughter, pain, and beautiful memories. I take...
  4. Isaacorps

    MOLLLE II climber mod

    Hey guys, I’m sure some of you have added mil surplus MOLLE backpack straps to your climbers to replace OEM crappy straps (especially on a summit viper like I have). I just ordered the backpack straps and waist belt from eBay to add to mine. I’ve seen some other tutorials but they seem a little...
  5. Isaacorps

    Dead head rules

    Hay guys, anybody know the rules on keeping a dead head find? Need to let the wildlife officer know? Tag it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Isaacorps

    Ridges vs Bottoms

    Wanted to get a few opinions on hunting ridges versus bottoms in the steep remote areas with no real ag fields around for obvious feeding areas. I’ve always heard that the bucks like to run the ridges looking for does but have also heard of a lot of nice deer being killed out of thick, brushy...
  7. Isaacorps

    Isaac's 2017 pics

    This is the first I've run cams this early in the year. I'm in the same area I normally hunt but in a new spot trying to get a better idea of how the deer are using the property. Pretty excited about what I'm seeing. Lots of does, some clearly pregnant, and some bucks in velvet which is cool cuz...
  8. Isaacorps

    Deer lever gun options

    Hi all, I was wondering if I could get yalls opinions on lever guns. I've been considering getting a lever gun in one of the deer legal calibers for a while now and have pretty much decided on 44 magnum for caliber. I wanted a 45-70 but the ammo is cost prohibitive and 357 magnum seems a little...
  9. Isaacorps

    Sighting in Muzzleloader

    I looked around but didn't see anything on this so please forgive me if this is redundant. Just wanted to pick y'alls brains and see what distance you sight in your muzzleloadera at? I've always sighted mine in at 50 yards because that's the longest shooting range I have access to. I figure that...
  10. Isaacorps

    Trail camera question

    Hey guys, I discovered yeterday that some low life gutless dickhole stole my camera and the bottom 2 sections of my ladder stand. That's a whole other rant that I'll spare you from but needless to say I now need to get a new camera. I'm done sinking money into something that can so easily grow...
  11. Isaacorps

    Saturday plans?

    Hey all, just wanted to see what everyone's Saturday plans are. I plan on freshening up the feeders and do 1 last card pull this week and stay out until Saturday. I'm working 2 different spots that will allow me to hunt any wind. I've gotten nothing but does and fawns all summer but these spots...
  12. Isaacorps

    Prime Day

    Hey guys, I wasn't sure where to post this but this seemed like as good a place as any. Today is prime day on Amazon so if you're a prime member there are some really good deals on some hunting products. The best deal I've seen is a lifeline for $26 brand-new. They also have the SD trail cam...
  13. Isaacorps

    Black Friday Buck

    Hey guys, sorry for the delay but I don't have the app and can only post pics on the computer. As soon as I got home had to shower and head out to dinner. Anyway, had a rough start to the season. I arrowed a nice 8pt the second week that I was unable to recover(many of you remember from the...
  14. Isaacorps

    Carbon vs Aluminum

    Hey guys, just curious what y'all think about carbon and aluminum bolts. In the past I always shot carbons out of my slower recurve xbow to retain as much fps as possible. This year I bought a new Wicked Ride Warrior and am shooting Ten Point aluminums with 100 gr heads for a total weight of 425...
  15. Isaacorps

    New to the forum

    I've been a long time reader here and finally decided to join. I really enjoy all the info and insight. Looking forward to being a participant. Central Ohio is home and love hunting our great state!