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  1. haleybrock

    Gerns 2010 Ohio buck

    Nice buck Chad. Can't wait to hear more about it while standing in the river.
  2. haleybrock

    How big are your wife's ta tas?

    Yeah, wtf??
  3. haleybrock

    Who dis chetter74 cracker?

    I am thinking he best post pics or something so there can be a ruling on his presence here.:smiley_breakdance:
  4. haleybrock

    Who dis chetter74 cracker?

    This must be one of them inbreds that got through the cracks.:p:D
  5. haleybrock

    Fathers and daughters

    Good posts guys. Will be going through this in a few years.
  6. haleybrock

    Heavy Weight

    Dang, Stump you the ASS Regulator and can't post pics. WTF??:smiley_breakdance::smiley_chinrub::D
  7. haleybrock

    What did you do wrong...

    Well, opening morning I had 2 does come in below me and I get ready. I draw before they move up the finger and then happen to notice a huge doe had come up the hill beside me at 15 yds. I swing on the big doe and am facing the tree as she is now behind me. I have her quartering away at 20...
  8. haleybrock

    No other river people??

    Good to see you made it Mike. Good luck hunting.
  9. haleybrock

    Ripcord rests?

    utube video didn't look too bad. I was going to try but may wait it out. just would hate to have the thing break while drawing on a good one.
  10. haleybrock

    Ripcord rests?

    I shoot the ripcord and like it. No issues after a couple years other than the cord is wearing a bit. I asked the company for a replacement (just loop material really) and they sent me out 3 or 4 with instructions on changing.
  11. haleybrock

    Where's everyone hunting this weekend?

    He is shooting carbons now so can reach out a little further.:smiley_bril:;)
  12. haleybrock

    Official "Welcome to The Ohio Outdoors" Thread

    You mean this one. BTW, it is powder blue.:smiley_breakdance:
  13. haleybrock

    What release do you use?

    Scott Mongoose
  14. haleybrock

    CCI Stingers

    CCI mini mags shoot good out of my remington 541T. They are the 40 gr. I can shoot 8-10 shots at 50 yds and be about an inch. The newer 36 gr don't shoot near as good.
  15. haleybrock

    09 gun week

    Good times for sure!! Glad I could take part.:smiley_breakdance: :smiley_boogie: Being there when Hunter killed his first buck, that was PRICELESS.:D
  16. haleybrock

    Some river pics

    How did that taste??:smiley_breakdance:
  17. haleybrock

    Camp Shower...

    There were a couple others that got a surprise. :eek: I believe Ray got the best look. :smiley_chinrub:
  18. haleybrock

    Camp Shower...

    I thought you used feminine wipes.:biggrin: That was a surprise to a few. :smiley_bathing:
  19. haleybrock

    As my wife says...Gun Porn!

    Here is one I have been shooting the most. Ruger 1V in .22-250.