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  1. angelzd28

    The Hunting Public

    This show is the only one I watch consistantly. These guys are the real deal and I believe alomost anyone can relate to. Im almost caught up on all their videos.
  2. angelzd28

    Angelzd28 2018 TC Thread

    Welp so far this season has been filled with long sits and 2 mature buck sightings so far........ I filled my doe tag on a mature nanny on Nov 20th. Not for lack of trying or getting pics, the only thing im pretty good at haha. The last pic is of a deer Iv seen multiple times inside city limits...
  3. angelzd28

    In the know....

    Great deer, congrats!
  4. angelzd28

    Slow lousy rut/season

    I have seen 1, count it 1 mature buck on stand so far and that was this past saturday, at about 9 am. In years past Oct 28 to about Nov 7 has been best, but this year is a mystery. I do believe the trickle rut is in effect. Luckily for me my Rutcation starts on Saturday and goes until gun...
  5. angelzd28

    Story from the field--Lock Down Marathon

    Great buck and awesome write up, its like I was sitting there with you!
  6. angelzd28

    Cousin Bubba comes to Ohio

    Congrats to cuzzin bubba! Good looking deer!
  7. angelzd28


    Sweet! Congrats Man!
  8. angelzd28

    LIVE from the stand 2018-19

    Back at again tonight..........
  9. angelzd28

    Cousin Bubba comes to Ohio

    Cuz theres a booner behind every tree, well at least I hear Stark County there is! Either way hope you guys have fun and see some deer.
  10. angelzd28

    steveOh's Nov. 3, 2018 Buck Story

    Congrats man on a nice one, and great story!
  11. angelzd28

    LIVE from the stand 2018-19

    Took off work early.............
  12. angelzd28

    Tricks with treats...

    Well well well, looks like a goodun has hit the dirt. Congrats to someone!
  13. angelzd28

    Guesses anyone?! IKS

    Congrats man, thats a nice one!
  14. angelzd28

    Oh i know something! But do you know?

    Congrats Chad! Thats a hell of a buck!
  15. angelzd28

    I know wassup.....you don't....

    Congrats Dick! Thats a great 7!
  16. angelzd28

    Team Buckzilla

    Nice Buck! Way to get it done. I should be out this weekend for a couple bow hunts, also Ill be heading out to Ravenna Arsenal for the Military Gun hunt on Saturday. Its my dad and I going this year, and I gave him the buck tag. Hopefully he can knock down a goodun. Ill post pics and a story if...
  17. angelzd28

    Which stand to hunt Saturday - WWYD?

    I would say 2, but thats just my 2 cents............... see what I did there, lol Either way good luck.
  18. angelzd28

    Phil's 2018 buck

    Congrats man! Killer deer!
  19. angelzd28

    Team Buckzilla

    Gonna be out Friday afternoon for this coldfront. I think im gonna hit a piece of public close to my work. Anyone ever hunt Grand River Wildlife Area in Trumbul County? Looks like lots of river bottom area. Excited to hunt a new piece. Good luck to anybody heading out.