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  1. giles

    The top five big 8’s

    Screwing around this morning looking at mounts I stumbled across this. Some damn fine examples of true montster 8’s! http://thewhitetailshooters.com/largest-8-point-whitetails-ever-recorded/
  2. giles

    Anyone recognize these two guys?

    Seen this last weekend and instantly recognized these two fellas from this group. To have them both one one box! Man was I impressed, TOO has made it big to be honored like this. Be sure to take a moment and send a congratulations to Joe and Dustin. They deserve it, this is a big step for TOO.
  3. giles

    This dude😂

    I seriously bursted out laughing a few times! Worth the watch for you guys at home today.
  4. giles

    Carhartt hoodies

    I’ve had two Carhartt extra thick hoodies for over 12 years now and wear them both all the time. Daily with work in the winter for most of those years. Cuffs are about worn out on both now and it’s about time to look for a replacements. No markings or names left on these, so I’m looking for a...
  5. giles

    DEAL 20 qt

    Might have to play with your local store to find this deal. But thanks to that crazy southern Nicky guy, I found it. https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/BK_H18TAN Not a scam and it works.
  6. giles


    Around the world this fish is caught for table food. Yet here in the states we consider it a trash fish. Every spring I get a good run of carp here at the house, nice 8 lb sized fish. Got me thinking I want to try some. Anyone ever try it? I’ve heard the same about white bass and I love white...
  7. giles

    2019’ shed season has started

    Careful for those still filling tags. We got lucky and stumbled upon a couple sheds with blood still on them. Dad’s I’ll post the other one when I have better reception.
  8. giles

    IKS...about time

    And it looks lovely so far 😍
  9. giles

    Looking for a campground near...

    Figured I’d start a thread as this will likely be something I ask every few months. Anyways, they are moving our show-up for this job another 25 minutes away from the house. Already driving 2:05 every morning and evenings are often close to 3 hours. Times to find a place to park my camper and...
  10. giles

    There I was...

    Giles December story involves a few members again... @OhioWhiteTails @MoonLab @Dustinb80 @Jackalope @Redneckfucker @finelyshedded It’s pretty simple...literally there I was, looked over at Nate and asked him if he wanted to go for a walk and see my property. So BC, Nate and I went for a walk...
  11. giles

    Again with these pics?!

    Amazing that these things make it to me. Just what I needed to bring a smile to my face!!!
  12. giles

    Alaska quakes

    I’ve gotten a few text and a PM about this now, so I figure we can just share info here in a thread. Depending on the place of information, there has been around 200 quakes in the last 24 hours. This is at my in-laws place. So far damage is all replaceable stuff and everyone is just tired at...
  13. giles

    Giles November

    Man was I having some rough times trying to find deer and time to hunt. Started thinking I just really needed to do more then I was to get deer to my small piece of the pie. I few years back when I was in my “trophy” stage of hunting I used to use a mix of apple cider vinegar with my corn. So I...
  14. giles

    Kids and politics

    How young is to young to talk to your kids about politics? I can’t answer that question but it was brought up again in the truck last night. My kids are 9-11-13...I was presently surprised what they knew about the most recent elections and we shared views. School must be teaching or talking...
  15. giles

    Safety harnesses and other safety

    Ok, so I kinda went on a small rant last week about fall arrest systems and made mention of starting a thread. I am no safety man and most of what I’m going to say is backed on belief, some will be with facts. I challenge you guys to challenge anything I say and share your opinion and facts...
  16. giles

    I’ll be...

    Telling you all that I know something again! 😂
  17. giles

    I know one thing for sure!

    I know if my phone ever gets taken by the man, I’ve got some explaining to do😂. I love getting these pics!
  18. giles

    Guesses anyone?! IKS

    It’s a good one...
  19. giles

    When does an open season come?

    The more you know... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/cats-invasive-species-in-your-backyard-cbsn-originals/ Last weekend I made a commment and felt to tone change. Not sure why people feel different about this, had it been a hog that wondered threw camp, people would’ve...
  20. giles

    Giles October story

    This last weekend is always one of my favorites and it gets better every year. This year I was able to share a place with some of you guys that I’ve hunted 25 years. The place isn’t anything special, but it’s special to me. I hunted a little bit more less played guide. I’d really like to share...