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  1. Tipmoose

    WTB Looking for a euro plaque

    I have a euro mount of a small 9 pointer that my son killed two years ago. I would like to mount it onto a nice plaque, but am hesitant to just buy something off the web. Does anyone here make/sell them? If not, do you know a good, reputable place to pick one up?
  2. Tipmoose

    Finally...a good night's sleep!

    Both kids are off at college. The gf is on a business trip to des moines. I finished up my first sit of the season. Its just me and the GSD pup. Poured a nice glass of sipping rum, opened the windows and turned off the air/heat. Slept like a baby for the first time in a long time. The house...
  3. Tipmoose

    Style of hunting clothing/outerwear

    What is your favorite style of hunting outerwear? Coat + pants bib overalls + coat, coveralls. I started out wearing coat and pants, but found there was a cold spot where the coat ended and the pants began. Plus that combo wasn't very forgiving when it came to added weight from one too many...
  4. Tipmoose

    Steve's 2019 season

    I figured I would start one of these threads even though I don't really expect there to be much to post in it until I get out to my family farm in Missouri in mid Nov. The only spot I have nearby in Ohio to hunt is a small conservation club in SE Franklin Cty. Its archery only and has about 18...
  5. Tipmoose

    Small engine repair?

    I've got a honda generator that hasn't run in around 6 years. Its gummed up and won't start. Left gas in it before storing it. Does anyone know a good small engine repair place near Grove City? yes I could google this...but I wanted personal experience/recs before loading it up and taking it over.
  6. Tipmoose

    Deer creek doves? Interactive map fail...

    So I'm thinking about braving the deer creek dove fields on 9/1. I called the ODNR and asked them which fields are controlled hunt fields and which ones aren't. The officer directed me to their interactive map system...
  7. Tipmoose

    Summer sausage

    We put together a little over 30 lbs of summer sausage this evening. Letting them chill overnight and then into the smoker tomorrow. Going to try experimenting with different smoke times. The GF likes them less smokey. I like them more smokey. If they turn out OK, and I'm able to make it to...
  8. Tipmoose

    New guy checking in

    Hi folks... I'm Steve, a relatively new hunter to Ohio. Been here for 4 years and am located south of Columbus. Been hunting off and on for about 20 years now. Originally Im from mid-Missouri, but was moved to Florida at 1 year old. Spent the next 23 years getting out of that sweatbox. Made...