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  1. Big H

    Backyard Wildlife Area

    Some have seen the pics of the Great Horned Owls we have been seeing almost every day now in the backyard. Last night as I am bringing two of the girls home from softball practice, I get a text from my youngest asking when I am going to be home? I asked why and she sends back, there are 7 or 8...
  2. Big H

    Strange Sounds in the Backyard

    So for the past week, we have been hearing a screeching/whistle type sound in the backyard and I have been trying to figure out what the hell it was... I thought it was a screech owl, but it just didn't sound right. My youngest and I went back yesterday and couldn't see anything but could still...
  3. Big H

    Backyard Plot

    Rototilled it last week, tilled it again today and put in some pellitized lime and 13-13-13. I put in some of that Mean Bean stuff with Lee and Tiff on the package because I got it cheap and wanted to see how beans would do. Can someone turn the second pic please?
  4. Big H

    Backyard Plot

    I put a small plot behind the house yesterday. Mowed it close last week, rototilled, limed, fertilized and planted Evolved Habitats blend of forage oats and chicory. Now I am just waiting for it to rain... If you look close you can see the double ladder stand Sami killed her buck out of last year.
  5. aholdren

    Backyard Project

    The wife has been wanting our backyard redone so that we would use it, so this is what it was to what it is now. After some dirt removal The new stuff
  6. cotty16

    Yotes and Fox in my backyard

    I've posted elsewhere that I was given the bright idea of burying Kody's buck head with lime and digging it up around August to find me a nice clean skull. Call me stupid... whatever... but my cuz did his last buck like this and it worked. Well, the wild animals have found it, but haven't been...
  7. Buckmaster

    Backyard Sheds

    This set was found this past spring 150 yards from my backdoor and within 200 yards of the nearby McDonalds. The deer resides within the city limits where there is no hunting regulations. Estimated gross uneaten by squirrels 176.5", Current gross with nibbles 172.5", and current net at...
  8. Gern186

    Backyard buck from last night

    I moved a trail cam to the back yard 2 nights ago for the first time this year. I put some ear corn down by the mineral lick and to my surprise I got the best buck picture of the year not 50 yards behind the house....... Too bad I don't have any corn around my house this year.
  9. Schu72

    Backyard Fight

    I have had this target up since early summer. I woke up this morining and look out into the backyard to see it destroyed! I have to assume this was a deer attack. Anyone else ever have this happen? Oh, he left without eating the corn that was about 10 yards away.:smiley_baby: