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  1. Beentown


    Never been really big into shotguns. Where is the best place to buy chokes on the web?
  2. JD Boyd

    Lebron chokes under pressure

    I don't think I've ever seen a superstar athlete choke under pressure like The Queen. We're glad you took your choking talents to south beach. Barkley was right, you have no balls. The cavs still have a chance to win one before you....
  3. formerbowhunter1023

    FOR SALE Mossberg Silver Reserve O/U with extra chokes...

    I'll have to get all the specs when I get home, but I wanted to throw a line in the water and see if I got any bites. I have a near mint (less than 50 rounds through it) Mossberg Silver Reserve O/U with stock Mod and IC chokes, and also Carlson extended chokes for steel shot in Mod and IC. I...