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  1. matt hougan

    Some nice pics

    Got some really nice photos last week
  2. Buckslayer

    Nice young buck in a my fav photo this year

    I took this cam down after a week and captured one really nice photo. Looks like I should hang it there again sometime. I should upload the actual image instead of a cell capture but oh well.
  3. finelyshedded

    One way to keeping a nice buck hanging around is...

    ....this way. It's really sad how some of these deer meet their demise...
  4. finelyshedded

    Nice Roadkill

    A friend of ours son found this buck laying dead along a road around the 23rd of August. Sad he didn't fall to a ethical hunter, but it happens....
  5. K

    nice Buck

    hope to c this deer get a pass for couple years if so he will b a studd think hes around 2.5 years old..
  6. JD Boyd

    Couple nice bucks

  7. Beentown

    That was nice TOO see...

    Went out to hang a cam and show JohnROhio one of my spots and get his opinion. After taking him on a Coonskinner trek and him giving me some opinions on stand placement we hung the cam on a nice trail on the inside corner of a corn field. We walked into the edge of the cornfield and saw a...
  8. "J"

    Nice day out

    Fishing a tournament next Saturday on guilford lake up here in Columbiana county south of Salem and west of Lisbon. My buddy Sean and I decided too do a little prefishing today and we took both our boats too cover more water.... Had a decent day catching 12 keepers between us, if the pattern...
  9. Milo

    nice APP

    the "Sound Meter" App is a nice feature to let you check to see how loud your setup is for bowhunting and whether or not you limbsavers or bowjax are making a difference for your setup. I just got done doing my setup and checking the difference between my new bowjax limb silencers and my...
  10. hickslawns

    Nice 10

    Here is another for you guys to check out. I am running out of bucks to post pictures of so I hope some of you guys start filling in the gaps. I can't post pictures of different bucks every day for crying out loud! While I have been fortunate to get a lot of different bucks on camera this...
  11. JD Boyd

    Nice picture

    Browsing through pics I stumbled across this...
  12. dante322

    Nice surprise this morning.

    had the day off today, so I got up early and went to the woods to listen for gobblers at fly down. I was standing next to the tree that redcloud killed his buck out of last sept looking out over a pasture when i noticed movement on the far side, in the area of his trail cam. Turned out to be...
  13. Mike

    Not TOO nice...

    Guy goes into a bar in Berwick, La, where there's a robot bartender. The robot says, "What will you have?" The guy says, "Whiskey" T he robot brings back his drink and says to the man, "What's your IQ?" The guy says, "168." The robot then proceeds to talk about physics, space exploration...
  14. Schu72

    Two Nice Bucks

    I saw two nice bucks after work tonight. The looked very familiar....:smiley_blink:
  15. 1

    Nice 8 point sheds

    Found a nice set of sheds yesterday.130" 8 point. This is a buck we call "cowlick" because he has a big cowlick on the back of his neck. He is a 4.5 year old. We have gotten pics of him the last 3 years. Pic taken by my Granddaughter Haylee.
  16. JD Boyd

    Nice buck

    I'm hoping this guy makes it through this season...
  17. "J"

    Another nice one down

    Taken around my area..... About all I know of it..... Definetly a nice mature 10 point....
  18. Mike

    Nice one

    No info on it, but that's my buddy. He took a pic with it while picking up his meat from the processor.
  19. "J"

    Nice one taken in Carrol County

    Taken in Carrol County by a guy from Salineville....