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  1. lowegirl

    It's almost time!

    It's almost time and I already know I won't sleep a wink tonight :smile: Back in the early part of summer I had planned to take my vacation in November to insure that work would not get in the way of at least part my first season. As a hairstylist, getting called in, working weekends and having...
  2. themedic

    About Time

    Finally some good bucks on my home farm. I was seeing 15-20 does a night all summer but no bucks. I knew they would show up eventually come fall. Last pull had half a dozen young bucks and they these two nice bucks. One of them I have the sheds from last year and was a buck a client passed when...
  3. blemas

    Time to replace one of my cameras, need suggestions

    One of my original Trophy Cams just took a dump on me and need to get a replacement out in the field ASAP. I know that Spypoint is a sponsor and would be happy to direct some business their way but what other suggestions do ya'll have? I really liked the AA battery life from the Bushnell and...
  4. RedCloud

    So you Know Deer? Quiz Time

    http://www.realtree.com/quiz/the-quiz-of-deer-hunting-myths You got 12 of 13 possible points. Your score: 92 % Stupid Q #11 anyway lmao
  5. dante322

    that time of year

    Stuffy head, runny nose, body aches. Time to get some vitamin C. Working outside, sweating then into the AC for breaks. Then back to the heat. Throw in the cool damp evenings... ... Take care of yourselves guys.
  6. bowhunter1023

    'Bout Damn Time!!!

    I feel like a complete failure not having posted a single trail camera picture all summer, but I finally got what I was after at 4:30AM yesterday morning! Captain Jack made his first appearance of 2013 making this the 4th consecutive year I've got pictures of him. It doesn't appear he's grown...
  7. Thunderflight

    This time next month!!!!

    I'll be in the potato state! Shoot I might even be headed into the mountains for a quick afternoon hunt!!!
  8. dante322

    planning vacation time

    So i am putting together my plans for time off this fall. I am taking friday Oct. 11th through sunday the 13th for the strouds weekend for sure. I just finished reading the moon thread from last year and had my wife download the isolunar app to her phone. I have been trying to find some...
  9. yotehunter

    finally had time

    Finally had time too get out and catch a few walleye and a couple perch that measured over 13.5 inches. The walleye ran 19 to 22 inches. Reservoir fishing is tough at times and evenings like tonight makes it worth it.
  10. Ohiosam

    Rock pickin time of year

    Never know what I'll find. Not sure what it is, lots of large crystals.
  11. Big H

    One game at a time.....

    Girls won the Regional Semi Final game yesterday, they play tomorrow at 3:00. If they win, onto the State Final 4!!:pickle: It wasn't pretty, we comitted 6 errors, which is totally uncharacteristic of this group, but they were able to pull off a 5-3 win.
  12. Thunderflight

    2013 = Making up for lost time!

    I'm tearing it up this year. Last season we had just moved back to the states and between getting settled, school, work, and family my focus for the 2012 hunting seasons just wasn't there. This year is gonna be different. School is in my rear view mirror (until January when I start an MBA...
  13. "J"

    It's that time again

    For all you waterfowlers out there time too sign back up.... Saw this and figured I'd pass it along... Don't duck hunt myself but know people who do and love it..... http://www.ohiodnr.com/home_page/NewsReleases/tabid/18276/EntryId/2940/Ohio-State-Parks-Duck-Blind-Lotteries-Set-for-Aug-18.aspx
  14. Monster Raxx

    The WORST time

    Well I got a few more pics of the Split Brow but it came in at 7:45 PM in that window where it just starts to have to use the IR and the pics are mostly white outs :( He did show up in the last pic on the far right side of the pic and you can see most of his rack :) There is even more stuff...
  15. Schu72

    It's about contest time!

    It's about that time!:pickle: Sign-ups started the last week of July last year. So I thought I'd poke and prod a little. Any changes for this year? Are last year's champs going to try and defend?
  16. Kaiser878

    Leo is a dad AGAIN! For the second time this year!

    Pups were born last night! I dont have any photos yet. Will soon! 7 total, 3 girls 4 boys! All chocolate litter once again! We are plagued by chocolates apparently. ha Dont want to take any business from Ryans litter though. Obviously these wont be ready for 2 months!
  17. Dannmann801

    Every time I clean a gun now....

    Although I'm a little disenchanted with the Outdoors Channel, (all the shows are cookie cutter and commercialized) I can't help watching some deer hunting shows now and then....and with the shows come the commercials... Every time I'm in the garage now and start cleaning a gun, I start hearing...
  18. hunna771

    First Time Out this year...

    My dad called me last night and told me a local farmer told him that he had some carp in one of his creeks and he wanted me to come over and try to shoot some. I called my buddy Zak and he said he wanted to go. We got some old shoes and shorts on, grabbed my dads gaff, my quiver full of arrows...
  19. "J"

    Time Change Ammo?

    I think not..... http://www.theblaze.com/stories/why-is-homeland-security-buying-450-million-rounds-of-hollow-point-bullets/
  20. dante322

    first time out yesterday

    had so time yesterday afternoon so i grabbed the crappie rods and minnow bucket and headed out. I cast out the first rod and was pulling some line out of the second one to get it rigged up when it broke. I cant believe it! My father in law gave me this rod, a berckley cherrywood, a couple...