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  1. Beentown

    Big Day Tomorrow...

    ...and I will take some prayers. My youngest (5 months) is going in for her final spinal cord surgery (hopefully) at 6:30am tomorrow. All should go well as we have the #1 Child Nuero coming in and #4 works at our Childrens who is the main surgeon for the procedure. They were VERY confident in...
  2. buckbuster217

    Startin over tomorrow

    Well going back in tomorrow to have my right hip replaced, gotta be there at 8 a.m. and have surgery at 11 a.m., the Dr. told me that usually with your second replacement that the recovery is much quicker than the first, if things go good and no unforeseen complications that I should be out of...
  3. U

    going home tomorrow

    2 hospitals 6 weeks and numerous blood transfusions ,2 biopsy's chemotherapy and a plastic tube in the side of my neck i finnally get to go home tomorrow , they are gonna do one more biopsy in the morning then boot my butt outta here :pickle::pickle::smiley_clap::smiley_clap:
  4. ohio mossy oak

    If the Presidential Election was tomorrow who would you vote for??

    If the Presidential Election was tomorrow who would you vote for??
  5. badger

    Smoking Up Tomorrow

    Got an 8# pork butt all rubbed down with goodness, and going to throw a chicken or two on during the day. Anyone bored and not working is welcome to stop by and help with the cold ones and coal tending. Shoot me a pm if interested.
  6. RedCloud

    Need me some luck tomorrow

    If any of you have good luck send a little my way would you :D I have an interview tomorrow morning and I need all the luck I can get to bring the job home with me. This would be a huge boost and help get things back on track for me and the family. Thanks fellas
  7. Kaiser878

    Archery Swan.....LEaving tomorrow!

    Well the times has come. I am leaving tomorrow to go Swan hunting in NC.....Archery style! I cant wait to get down there! Should be a good time! Ill post up how it went when I get back!