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2016 The Ohio Outdoors Spring Turkey Contest - Rules & Sign-ups


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Hudson, OH
It is time to get the ball rolling for this years TOO Spring Turkey Contest. Sign-ups will remain open for the next 4 weeks (closing at 11:59 PM 4/8). This will allow teams 1 week to get checked in with one another.

Below are the rules for the 2016 TOO Spring Turkey Competition. Format/Rules are the same as years past.

TOO Turkey Competition Rules
1.Teams will be randomly drawn (drawing will occur 4/9)
2.Teams will consist of 4 members (subject to change depending on number of participants)
3.Team with the highest score wins
4.The Buddy Bird Rule (to promote the brotherhood of TOO) - If you are hunting with another member from TOO who is on a different team, and together harvest a turkey (for example, one shooter and one person calling), the bird may count for both of you as a "Bonus Bird". Each person may only claim 1 "Bonus Bird".

Scoring Guidelines

Beard Scoring

<3": 5 Points
3" - 6": 10 Points
6" - 8": 15 Points
8" - 10": 20 Points
>10": 25 Points​

Spur Scoring

0 - 3/4": 5 Points
3/4 - 1": 10 Points
1" - 1 1/4": 15 Points
1 1/4" - 1 1/2": 20 Points
>1 1/2": 25 Points​

*Multiple beards and spurs count
*Each beard and spur is to be measured and scored

• All turkeys harvested during legal seasons in multiple states will be counted towards the contest. Additionally, individuals who harvest multiple birds may submit more than one bird in the contest, however, only the best scoring bird will count.

• Youth Bonus - Helping a youth (under 16) or first-time turkey hunter and photographing the hunt is worth 10 points (essentially worth a Jake)

With each bird, please post several pictures of your harvest:
• Photo of yourself and the bird
• 1 Photo of each beard and each spur measurement
• 1 of the pictures must show your tag

Ways to score points
• Shoot a turkey
• Harvest a turkey with a TOO buddy
• Take out a youth or first-time hunter

So who is in?