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Air Conditioning


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Gods Country
Hey fellas, thought I'd let you all know. If your thinking about getting or replacing your A/C.

DO IT!!!!!!!

Things are getting nuts. We where told today by a wholesaler of electrical, and hvac equipment that they are only selling 1 roll of romex wire per company per MONTH!! The only way you can purchase linesets for A/Cs is if you purchase equipment with them otherwise your S.O.L. In 25 Yrs of this industry, I've never seen anything close to this, and my fear is this is only the tip of the spear thats gonna fuck us all. 3 price increases in 6 months on equipment. Hyperinflation comes to mind.

Hope everyone is doing good, and had a successful turkey season if you chased the ugly fuggers.


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Licking Co.
dang. I've heard whispers behind the counter in paint stores that there could be problems with getting some commonly used materials due to a shortage of raw materials to manufacture resin. unreal. #fuckcomradebiden

Big H

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Flat stock poly ISO insulation for roofing is out until October now, probably November by next week. Membrane is out 4-8 weeks. Screws and plates will be priced at the time of shipment. No end in sight.


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China showing the world who runs it?

Chinese production has resumed however their economy did really well during the pandemic selling masks, gloves, and other PPE as their production capacity of pretty much everything rebounded so did their domestic demand for those products. In short, they're filling their own demand increase leaving little for export.

For shipping, there is a massive shortage of containers after they were stranded at random ports around the world during the pandemic. China isn't going to send a ship to South America to pick up a bunch of empty containers that are just sitting there until South America has something to fill them with. They're not going to fill them with anything until their economy rebounds from covid. As a result, China is also having a hard time getting their hands on raw materials.

The US has only 6 aluminum smelting plants in the entire nation and only 9 steel mills. Dance with the devil and he gets to lead.