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Custom turkey strikers


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Stark County
Figured I'd start a thread. I got a good deal on a used craftsman wood lathe from a guy on Craigslist. To start with I bought a cheap set of turning tools from harbor freight. I'm still not comfortable with running this thing full speed. Once I get the piece round I usually have turn it up to the second highest (can't remember the rpms offhand) and it's still hauling ass. The high speed is what takes the most wood off and leaves a smoother finish before sanding. Just before I get the strikers shaft to the correct diameter I turn the lathe down so I don't break it. This part is tricky as I must watch how much pressure I apply with the tool so I don't break it, it's already happened which resulted in wood flying across the garage 😂. One of these days I'm going to run to keim lumber to get some exotic stuff. I also need to get a chuck that will allow me to turn pot calls and bowls. I'm having fun with this thing, it's pretty cool to go out back, grab a log, and turn it into something that makes turkey sounds! I've also made a few garden dibbers for family. I never heard of them until I started watching wood turning videos on YouTube. It's a tool to help plant seeds and bulbs. No, it is not a butt plug.



Garden dibber for my sister in law
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