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Dewine gun swipe coming?


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NW Ohio
I knew Dewine was full of crap when he spoke at the OBB banquet the year before last. He spoke to the crowd about how much he appreciated the sportsman and would protect their rights. He was running for office at the time. What he said didn't match what he had done in the past. Now he is saying "Nothing is off the table." He wants gun control. He is talking red flag laws. Career politician. Liar. Puke. Might want to get your petitions signed and emails sent out. This doesn't look good for people who value the 2nd and 5th Amendments.
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That entire group has been waiting for something like the Dayton shooting to happen. FBI stats still show you are 3 times more likely to get stabbed. Pathetic how an entire group of people can get stuck on an idea and stop at nothing to see it happen.