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Done with the BFA...


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Central Ohio
The BFA is just the NRA's mini me... "Fast-forward to late October, when the race is a statistical dead heat, and all of a sudden Kasich is finding religion like a whore in church on Sunday. Exhibit A is a recent mailing targeting gun owners. Note the picture on page 2 of the mailer. A hunter in blaze orange in the middle of a field with a medium bore, scoped rifle. Tell us, Sportsman Kasich, what is this sportsrman hunting in Ohio, since rifle hunting of that sort is not legal here?"

Nobody said that the "hunter pictured" was hunting deer. That's simply what the BFA wants people to think. They're just as bad as trying to manipulate. Just how dumb do THEY think people are?


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Suckland sent me one last week where he was standing there in camo. Under the camo jacket collar it was obvious he was wearing a dress shirt. You could see the collar clear as day. This shits been planned for a while thats why we had to stare at his ugly ass on the cover of our reg book all last year. Fugg him. I ripped the cover off on the two I had.

As far as the bfa well there is only one post on their forum from some jackass named jackalope. Google it. But what do toy expect from am org that is trying to hey on of their people on the nra board. l