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Dual Survival.


Senior Member
Anyone watch it? I heard about it last year, but never watched it. Season premier was Friday night. Looks pretty good. The hippie dude is goofy but knows his stuff.

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The Crew
I watched it, the two of them make quite a team. I like the way they matched up such total opposites and yet they can still work together.
If we look around the same personallities are all around us day by day. Even though total opposites, yet in the grand scheme of things they can still work together to accomplish a common goal. I know Dave and he is for real.


*Supporting Member*
That show is awesome. Putting those two together and watching them work as a team highlights what survival is all about. I read Cody Lundin's survival book "98.6 Degrees" before I ever saw the show and thought he was kind of goofy. It wasn't until I watched it that I realized that he is the real deal. As for Dave, any man that puts a 3 inch gash in his arm to show how to cauterize it with gunpowder has my respect.

Glad to have a show to fill the void that Survivorman left.