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I don't think they like us.


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Staff member
What I enjoy is reading their incoherent babble that's not backed by a single fact. No logic. No point. Just the ramblings of a bunch of touchy feely libtards. Shame people like that are even allowed to vote... Personally I think in order to vote one must pass an American and world history test. That'll never happen. Hell its not even a requirement to speak English. Much less know your ass from a hole in the ground about America.

I also find humor in how they wonder if conservatives are even capable of loving their pets... Makes me wonder what kind of "love" they're giving their pets.


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Central Ohio
What the hell.... not one shred out a logical thought. Just pure stupidity fueled by emotion.

And yeah, what the hell kind of point was she trying to make about pets? I think there's a jar of peanut butter buried somewhere deep inside her thought process.