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Issue 1


Junior Member
Just wondering how people felt about issue one in the great state of Ohio..

Personally I find it absurd.I will be voting against it. There are other ways to skin this cat in my opinion. At this point I feel herion addicts get enough freebies. Do we need rehab centers yes. But lowering the charges on the dealers and users is not the answer.
For one by doing this people would never be able to get in any rehab. Jail time is more than likely to get somone sobered up. Then after care.
I think the laws are to lenient right now. You overdose ya get a free shot to wake you up at the cost of 700 dollars if you have drugs on you when your found your not charged.You can OD everyday and nothing happens.

They still have pot as a class one drug right up there with heroine. Absolutely nuts. You get caught with pot you go to jail. You get caught drinking and driving you go to jail. (I’m not saying you shouldn’t) yet you can call the paramedics be Over dosing on heroine and have a pocket full of it. The outcome ya get a 600 dollar shot of narcan(charged on tax payers dime)and told to stop?

Who da fugg thought this issue up?


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How bout issue “137” Labeled No More, Hand out a license to kill the local heroine dealer... A Fifty dollar tag, with a hundered dollar bounty.. I myself consider these imbeciles local city terrorist. They hand out death sentences everyday.Why shouldn’t they have on themselves..


Staff member
Issue 1 was funded by the Zuckerberg Foundation and George Soros. It's as ludicrous an initiative as Ohio has ever seen IMO.

And the fact that marijuana (which includes its non-pyschoactive cousin hemp) is still a Schedule 1 narcotic proves our government is corrupted by special interest lobbies. I'll get off my soapbox before I ruin my tinfoil hat.


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Mt. Cory Hancock County
Couldnt agree more. What blows my mind the most? HOW in the world did this get on the ballot? Are there truly that many people who are for this?
Anything that the left is pushing, 99.7% of their voters will be for. Doesn't even matter how idiotic it is. I'm all for public executions for heroine dealers and sex offenders. Some real slow shit like Braveheart. I guarantee it would stop about 90% of the people from dealing it


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Davie County, NC
There is no “cost savings”. All the money that would be saved would put into rehab facilities for recovering addicts.... Follow the money....


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It's all about the money. Heroin is a cash cow opportunity for state and local governments. It costs money to lock them up, feed, and provide medical care. However if we can make these people look like innocent victims rather than the criminals they are then we can beg for money to build treatment centers, create programs, set up needle exchange places. It's nothing but one big farce and the state and local governments are looking to profit from it with increased grants and funding. They're no different than the dealers who are also looking to make money. Addicts are not victims. Their families, neighbors, local businesses, and everyone around them are the victims.