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Obama killed.


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Wood Co.
Typical Obama. "I, I and I did this that and the other." You did nothing you tool.

Tree Monkey

NW ohio
Big battle in the war on terrorist ....but it won't end with this....some other nut job will declare war on US .....good job U.S. FORCES!!!!


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Central Ohio
What was the President doing in Pakistan? ;) I think you mean Osama.

I had that same little slip up this morning. As I was standing in front of the tv, the wife came down and asked what going on. I said, "They killed Obama. We got the bastard."

She looks at me and says, "Oh my God, they killed the President!? Who?"

"Oops. I mean our Seals got Osama. We killed Bin Laden last night."

They we both started laughing...


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NW Ohio
I think I heard Geraldo Rivera make the same slip last night. Freudian slip or just a tongue twister? I don't know. I don't care. Bin Laden is dead. There is one less chink in their armor.


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SW Ohio
A big boost for our American pride! We can use it TOO! God bless the men and women fighting for our country. Was glad TOO see all the people celebrate TOOether at various places as soon as it was discovered. I hate TOO hear these conspiratist start making noise though, WTF! Always someone out there trying to start shit! Our war on terrorist though, will not stop here and actually will be a fight from here into eternity. More will just move on up the perverbial latter and rear their ugly head. Glad TOO hear the seal 6 get it done with NO casualities of our own! Thanks HEROS!