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Ohio to lose 2 House seats


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Mahoning Co.
WASHINGTON – Republican-leaning states will gain at least a half dozen House seats thanks to the 2010 census, which found the nation's population growing more slowly than in past decades but still shifting to the South and West.

The Census Bureau announced Tuesday that the nation's population on April 1 was 308,745,538, up from 281.4 million a decade ago. The growth rate for the past decade was 9.7 percent, the lowest since the Great Depression. The nation's population grew by 13.2 percent from 1990 to 2000.

Michigan was the only state to lose population during the past decade. Nevada, with a 35 percent increase, was the fastest-growing state.

The new numbers are a boon for Republicans, with Texas leading the way among GOP-leaning states that will gain House seats, mostly at the Rust Belt's expense. Following each once-a-decade census, the nation must reapportion the House's 435 districts to make them roughly equal in population, with each state getting at least one seat.
That triggers an often contentious and partisan process in many states, which will draw new congressional district lines that can help or hurt either party.

In all, the census figures show a shift affecting 18 states taking effect when the 113th Congress takes office in 2013.

Texas will gain four new House seats, and Florida will gain two. Gaining one each are Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah and Washington.

Ohio and New York will lose two House seats each. Losing one House seat are Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Florida will now have as many U.S. House members as New York: 27. California will still have 53 seats, and Texas will climb to 36.



Tatonka guide.
There is no way the state can do that much cutting without seriously effecting what happens in ohio. We have simply built too much to take care of. They have Marxist ideas now that are generally kept at bay by the rules that are creating these issues. the only way we are going to get out of debt is to stop all programs that help people like social services etc...so then what happens when you get rid of those jobs? Now we got even more unemployeed undertrained workers...its a never ending cycle. The first step is fixing school funding issues and move to pay to play type program. they will need to reprogram people to get them accustomed to saying money. Kasich is going to try something that is insane and try to bust unions....now the concept is good and agree with SOME policies BUT it goes too far and drive qualified people out of some of the most important jobs...