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Pretty sure we can all agree..This is fugging over the line


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Someone needs too go to friggin jail over this one WTF were they thinking.... Fuggin morons!!!!!!! I'm some friggin pissed off I can't friggin think.....


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Disgraceful is right!

And it hits the news the day after the 70th anniversary date of Pearl Harbor TOO.
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I just don't get it. How is it the "most powerful nation in the world" with so much influence, so much concern over political correctness with other countries, and so much pride, can be so stupid? I just don't get it. How is it we spend trillions of dollars on various things in regards to the military, energy, foreign aid, NASA, infrastructure, etc., yet somehow someone thought this would be acceptable? I just don't get it. What a disgrace to those soldiers that lost their lives serving their country!


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Yep. Flat out wrong... They simply treated it as medical waste. It wasn't whole identifiable bodies but rather fragments... I'm sure most of it unidentifiable. Usually the way mortuary affairs does things when they clear a scene of body parts isn't a glamorous affair.. Horrific explosions that are often terribly disfiguring.

When I was in the military I had a 1st sgt that was in Desert Storm Desert Shield. We had given the Iraqis an ultimatum to pull out of kuait city, leave your weapons and machinery. Simply walk away... They decided to pull out with their weapons and vehicles. We cut the head of the convoy and strafed and bombed the whole thing.. What was called the Highway of Death. I'll include a couple photos below... When mortuary affairs showed up to clear the bodies they we're given bags and told the following...... 1 torso, 1 head, 2 arms, 2 legs, and guts in every bag.... The bags we're then turned over to Iraqi forces..

But the manner in which our military service members partial remains we're destroyed and discarded is inexcusable.. They painstakingle DNA tested every fragment of remains from victims in the tower collapses after 9-11.. And still have a warehouse full of unidentified fragments awaiting better testing. Yet our soldiers don;t get the same courtesy from out government.