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Remember November Final ACT


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Awesome! I don't think people understand how badly we need to put a stop to this government. It HAS to be curtailed. This current path is unsustainable and will not maintain liberty and freedom as we know it. Or children are being sold as slaves to the government and their future tax burdens. As it stands about 60% of their working life will be spent in slavery to the government of some form. 60% of their working life will be spent working just to hand over every single penny as a "tax"!

Look at it this way... If you make between 34,000 and 84,000 a year your federal income tax bracket is 25%... This means you will fork over 25% of your income every check... Think about it this way... 25% of your working life will be spent in slavery. WHAT!! You say.. Yep! SLAVERY..

Say you start working at 21 years of age and work until 64.. That's 43 years of working. Now imagine if the US Government came to you and said... From Age 21 until 31 you will work, you will not be paid, and all of your earnings will go to us.. After 31.75 you will work 3 years for the state, and 1 year for the city, and maybe another for sales, and another year for gasoline.... ONLY after working 22 years will you be allowed then to keep 100% of your income.. But for the first 22 years you get 0%

A 60% tax burden every check.. Well that's the same damn thing.

Look at it like this Monday through Wednesday. You are working to pay all the taxes. Only Thursdays and Fridays income will you get to keep.