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2018 Spring Turkey Contest - Team Assignments


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Super Mod
Below are the team assignments for the 2018 TOO Spring Turkey Competition. Please create a team thread and check in ASAP. We have 1 youth team this season.

I will continue to create new teams of 4 as we get enough alternates. The buddy bird system remains to help promote the brotherhood of TOO! I hope to see some folks team up and enjoy some hunts together as a result. In the meantime, we need at least 1 more member and 1 more youth to round out teams.

Lets have another fun, safe and successful turkey season.

Team Assignments

Team # TOO Name
1 aholdren
1 angelz28
1 BlueSpruceOutfitters
1 Gordo

2 huntn2
2 cotty 16
2 nathan.luthman
2 teenbowhunter

3 Jackalope
3 bigten05
3 steveOh
3 Fletch

4 Dustin80
4t wireman
4 giles
4 hickslawns

5 bonecollecter
5 MoonLab
5 Full bore
5 Big Weff

6 finelyshedded
6 bowhunter1023
6 Isaacorps
6 Redneckfucker

7 Bigslam51
7 J
7 cspot
7 moundhill

8 RedCloud
8 Hoytmania
8 old scout
8 Filler2

9 Austin
9 Landon
9 Maddy
9 Youth 1


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Guess I have to go find some birds.. Went this morning to a spot, didn't hear a bird. A fisher or two have made this spot home.. They say they are bad on turkeys..
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