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Gun Light review-


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NE Ohio
Jobsmart- Pro Series. The TAC-360 LED Weapon Light


So I'm walking around Tractor Supply and I stop in the flashlight section... (I got a thing about flashlights...lol among other things...) and I notice this LED light setup for an rail system on a AR. I thought it was odd that TS would have such an item but in looking it over, I couldn't resist. The unit comes well packaged. The LED bulb is one of the best makers; Cree and throws a impressive 360 lumen out over 600 ft.
A green laser mounted beside it makes for a solid picture. Flashing it around the yard after dark with both turned on left absolutely no doubt how effective it is. In the house, Its blinding.

It comes with a oddball 3.7 Volt , rechargeable battery and charger. It clams to have a 2 hr run time but I don't know. The flashlight its self is made of aircraft grade aluminum and has good seals around the head and rear to get to the battery. You have the option of a on/off button at the rear of light or a two function pressure switch. The bracket itself is also aluminum and mounted easily to the picatinny /weaver rail. The whole thing has a lifetime guarantee but I'm sure there is fine print.



Get on down to Tractor Supply and pick up one of these. For the $25.00, I'm pleased.


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Awesome pick up! Looks like a great light for the money. And don't feel bad... My wife tells me all the time that I too have a "thing" for flashlights. Lol
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NE Ohio
The line "Jobsmart" is the line of tools made exclusively for Tractor Supply. They make a lot of stuff.

I'm telling you. I've spent more and gotten a lot less. Its a damn good flashlight alone for the 25 bucks in todays world and I get a decent "sideways" base for any rail system down the road. Between the 2 components...Ya.
There was only 1 left after I bought the one a couple days ago.

Went back and picked up the last one yesterday.
Just to put away for down the road.
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NW Ohio
I don't doubt there are better lights out there. For the price. . . Sounds like a bargain for the dollar amount! The rail mount alone is worth half the price if you are looking for a mount. Thanks for sharing Jim! And don't feel bad about having a "thing" for flashlights. It is normal. At least I keep telling myself it is normal.


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Columbiana County
Picked one up today and got it mounted, went down to the basement and it’s plenty bright for searching indoors with a weapon in your hand lol...

On a positive note, it takes the same battery that my predator light does so as of now I have three batteries for the AR light or the predator light lol....

Jim how’d you mount your switch to the AR?