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knox county ohio
I know I'm tagged out. I was gonna let someone post it but lost a few numbers that I had of people. After starting off the year with a kill in Kentucky on their opening weekend I hunted hard here and never drew my bow or picked up my gun when I was out until New year's Eve I shot a doe. That next weekend I had high hopes for a buck during the muzzy season I hunted all 4 days and never seen a buck but was able to harvest another doe. Well I was all but done deer hunting for this season since I had meat in the freezer. I got a call from a buddy saying there was a good buck bedded on one of my places he seen it from the road. We met up and he showed me where he was i looked at him and noticed it was a half rack I decided to not shoot it but the longer I sat there the more I thought he was hurt because he wasn't getting up. So I started to put he sneak on him to see how close I could get when I got to 25 yards he never got up just looked at me. So I decided to go ahead and take him. I drew back and missed,shot under him or hit a branch in the fence rows. He jumps straight up and runs like nothing is wrong but stops about 45 yards away and stands there. I thought about not shooting again thinking he was ok but I knocked another and let it fly. It hammered him and he only went about 30 yards and crashed. Once I got up to him I knew he was sick I could see every bone in his body. I pushed on his head where he lost his one side and it was filled with puss. It was completely healed over tho so I'm not sure what really happened to him but the infection was all through his body. I really wish he had both sides but I'm happy with how my season ended. And I'm glad I was able to put him down from suffering and got to him before the yotes found him.



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SW Ohio
Congratulations Josh. Glad you were able to put him down and end his eventual bad ending. Now you need to find his right side laying out there somewhere. I bet it’s not too far away. Did you have pics or history with him?