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Iowa Application Period....


*Supporting Member*
Just a heads up that the application period for a non-resident deer tag in Iowa is May 5 through June 3. Non-resident deer tags cost $551.00 and you need roughly 3 or more preference points to get drawn... Preference points can be purchased during this period also...They cost $50.00... Currently I've got 4 preference points and have to decide if I want to go or not... Anyone else got points and want to team up, sucks going alone...


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Stark County
Chad... I have some connections out there right on the Mo. Border... Zone 5.. But as I said doubt I'll go.. SpeND TOO much time in Illinois... But it's still open...
I thought about buying a preference point, but as of now I plan on going somewhere in the next year or two for turkey. Maybe some day I'll hunt another state again for deer. Don't really have to go anywhere for whitetail since I have 200" bucks sprouting out of the alfalfa.