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Haven't really tried killin anything since I shot my buck in November. Had a buddy call and ask if I still wanted to shoot a doe. Said, uh yeah. He hunts a property outside Miami university full of deer. Guy wants all the deer shot, eating his ornamental plants. Guy says bring your buddies. Sweet. Last Sat and Sun I had a different buddy with me, looking for their first deer. No luck. Wednesday I called both of em, both didn't want to hunt. Slackers! Lol. Right at last light 2 came in and I gutshot the biggest one. . Pissed at myself to say the least. Luckily she didn't go far and found her Thursday morning. This is the latest I have ever killed one. Now to get my other 2 buddies one.


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SW Ohio
Heck yeah! It’s amazing how some areas/props have large numbers. Definitely needs thinned out there it sounds like and you wanna make LO happy.:smiley_clap:
Areas with large tracts of property where there is no hunting allowed seem to be the ticket.