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Millennium M60-U, Summit Viper SD, Hawk Heliums


Junior Member
Stark County
The wife and I are packing the kids up and moving to Idaho this summer so I've got a pair of treestands and 6 Hawk Helium climbing sticks I won't be needing any longer. First is a Millennium M60-U with 6 Hawk Helium sticks. The stand has a bow holder and I've done a nice versa button upgrade on it that makes hanging it a much quicker and quieter process. The pic was taken before I did the upgrade. Sorry. I've also put a Molle II kidney belt on it. I love this stand because it's light, easy to hang, you can level it and having six climbing sticks will get you about as far up a tree as you'll ever need to be. The sticks have treads on both sides that fold up for easy packing and storage.

Next is a Summit Viper SD. I repainted it in an ASAT like pattern a couple years ago because the factory paint was coming off in huge chunks. It's also got a bow holder, stabilizer straps, a foot rest, a Hazmore seat and it got new cables at the beginning of the 2017 season. I've also got an extra Hazmore seat new in the package for it and the original Summit seat. The Summit also has hard mounted Molle II shoulder straps and a Molle II kidney belt. If you agree to my asking price, I've got a Summit SOP harness, a Q-Safe that I use with my climber and an HSS Life Line I use with the M60-U and probably a few other things that relate to hunting from a stand I'll throw in too. I would like to keep all this together as a package if I could so I will offer it at 450.00 or best. That's less than half of what I paid retail for all this stuff. I hate to part with it all but out west, I'll be hunting mulies and elk on public land so I won't be needing treestands much anymore.
Thanks for looking. Have a good day. Be safe.
Thanks guys. I'll be moving to Idaho Falls. We'll be about an hour from Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons from there. We went and checked the area out the first week of September last year. I was seeing antelope everywhere and according to my brother-in-law there is quite an elk herd running around out there and lots of mule deer as well. I grew up in Washington state, I've been here in Ohio thirteen years now. I've really missed the hunting out west but as the time approaches and I think about it more, I think I'm more excited about fly fishing the Snake and Yellowstone Rivers than anything else. That and being able to get out on my bike out in the wide open west again. Jackson Hole is about an hour away too and I love to ski. A lot to look forward to, the idea moving across the country again is not the funnest thing to think about but it'll be worth it in the end.