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Portable hitch shooting bench

I haven't even finished my trailer project and I stumbled across this idea, so I drew some plans up and added my own twist to it....

Exploded view

Folded up for travel

Shooter ready

Give me your ideas and I can improve my design!
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It has two feet on it now....its set up to work while hooked up thus the lack of back feet....still might put feet on the back though.....used Google sketch up for this but most of the time I use inventor


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Looks awesome so far. Aside from the beer holder additions (top priority IMO), what do you think about installing a heavy duty ball-and-socket joint for the pivot point? If you could find one that's strong enough that locks down tight, it would be really beneficial... not only could it fold up vertically, and come down parallel with the ground, but could also swivel left and right. Without the swiveling action, you're basically forced to square up the back of your truck with the target.