Random weather thread

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Highland county
Calling for 3-5'' here tonight in NEO with poor road conditions. Hell yesterday morning my doors were frozen shut onmy truck, even after I did two remote starts. Had to wait for the sun to warm it up.
Yup, same here yesterday morning. GM isn’t known for tough door handles, be careful pulling on them.

1-3” here with ice mixed in.


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Southwest Ohio
We got a good 3-4 inches last night. The roads were absolute shit this morning and people are fuckin stupid. Wife had to get up earlier than me this morning. I came downstairs and she went out and already cleared a path to my drivers door and cleaned off my windshield. WIN


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Columbiana County
That’s my Mornin ritual, clean a path to the wife’s car and clean it off and have it warmed up for her for when she leaves for work....
least I can do for a working gal....
Oh and have coffee in her travel mug for the drive as well....


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NW Ohio
Bad stuff Dave. Nothing good about ice on the ground or trees. They are calling for snow overnight. Snow tomorrow night. Ice and ice and more snow Sat/Sun. That ice is bad stuff. Customers screaming then the temps rise, it melts and they complain about all the salt on their parking lots and store floors. Salt THEY demand. We are in a lose lose with ice.not to mention the fact I have to drive lots of miles on that ice with stupid drivers on the roads. Oh well. Comes with the job.