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What was your first rabbit gun?

My grandpa's Winchester model 37 single shot sixteen gauge was my first rabbit gun.
Just picked up a model 37A in a .410 the other day. Total rust bucket and beat up wood. I already have the metal looking great and sanded the wood and applied the first coat of linseed oil. Wished i wouuld of taken a before pic.

My first rabbit gun was a savage 20 guage 22 O/U

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Walbridge oh
Sounds like mine when I got it. I think I was around 13 when grandpa died. It was rough. Sanded the stock and used linseed oil also and then reblued the barrel which turned out great. The receiver didn't take the blue like the barrel and is more silver than blue. Mine is a red letter with Winchester on the bottom of the receiver but no red paint remains in the letters. It's still a solid gun. I killed so many squirrels with it back then that I sent them to mepps and got free lures for them. I'll get it out tomorrow and take some pics.
I remember a guy on gunbroker had a set of every gauge made all new in the box. No serial numbers on these old 37's so dating them is plus or minus ten years lol. Felt good to get it out of the safe and remember grandpa! View attachment 59884
Ahh, what a great looking gun! Its been fun giving this gun new life. I put another coat of oil on it a bit ago. Probably one more coat tomorrow and waiting to get the forearm spacer. I will post some pics when its done

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I asked the question but forgot to say what my first rabbit gun was....it was a Ithaca model 37 featherlight 20 gauge pump. The action was so worn that when you pointed the barrel skyward and pressed the release button on the trigger guard, the action would slide half way open. I loved the gun but upgraded to a Browning 20 gauge O/U.
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