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Recent content by Gooseman07

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    New guy northwest ohio

    Welcome! I just moved out to swanton a few months ago. Been exploring more of the forest since moving.
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    "Are Crops Contributing To The Whitetail Decline?"

    No, the guy I rent from doesn't want people hunting it.
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    "Are Crops Contributing To The Whitetail Decline?"

    Nothing was bent off in this field. I had another field that was broke off like you mention.
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    "Are Crops Contributing To The Whitetail Decline?"

    Im curious what your science is behind this logic? I work with the material and it has nothing to do with rain. The chemical makeup of roundup is not affected by rain except if applied then rains immediately, it will become diluted to a point where it will not work. I totally disagree with the...
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    Competition shooting

    Thanks, is that a good luck finding places or good luck once you finally get started in it? Haha
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    Competition shooting

    Does anyone in Northwest Ohio do any competition handgun shooting? I'm looking to get into it but am struggling to find places to go and shoot. Any tips would be helpful as well.
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    Pheasant season starts 4 Nov.

    So much hunting and so little time! I might go up north hear on Sunday.
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    DEAL Vortex...

    I see $116
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    Northwest Ohio deer hunters!!!

    Any word on the meeting?
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    BigSlams yote trapping

    It was a facebook pic but I saw the number at 114 killed in one day. I didn't see anything about a drive but very well could have been.
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    Northwest Ohio deer hunters!!!

    Randy, Could you let us know about the meeting on the 27th when you know more about it? I want to get more involved in this area. I spent last year getting my feet under me from moving up here and now I want to get involved. Thanks for your work in this Oak Openings deal!!
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    FOR SALE Easton Fatboy arrows

    8 Easton Fatboy arrows. I don't know exact length but I'm a 28" draw. They are fletched and have 100 gr screw in points. I am asking $100 shipped.
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    Coyotes - it didn't take long

    Where are you located? I'll come try my hand at hunting them!