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2019 Strouds Hoodie
  • 1,329
  • 66
It has been decided that we are going to do a hoodie for Strouds this year. Here is the design, ignore the colors:

Here is the front. We moved the URL from the bottom to curved over the top.

Here is the back:

We are able to offer two color choices. Dark gray with white writing and blaze...
DIY poison ivy relief
  • 883
  • 47
For years I’ve told people about jewel weed for treating poison ivy and other skin irritants. This year while hiking I got the kids into some stinging needles and it worked on that too. Bee stings and just about anything I’ve tried it on, works.

It’s generally all around if you know what to...
‘Pulled the Trigger’
  • 2,862
  • 30
I recently upgraded my 2017 regular sporting barrel $229.00 ‘Savage Arms' Axis XL Bolt/Short Action WIN .308 Rifle. My rifle build...

I created this thread specifically to share my experience for anyone who may also consider much the same in the future. Considering all the different...
Baiting Mature Bucks.
  • 18,197
  • 312

I'll begin by saying I don't believe anyone can have this down to a science. This is after all an animal that possesses a sense of self-preservation honed over hundreds of thousands of years. No matter how finely tuned that sense is however, it can always be exploited. I've managed to...
Sweat equity? Or don’t sweat it? A lesson in managing balance.
  • 2,655
  • 25
For many of us, we identify with a particular aspect of our personality more so than we do other aspects. Some of us are prone to going “chips in” towards one facet or another, forsaking balance in pursuit of something “more”. When we do this, we often tie our value as a person to the output of...
The Saga of Bob Tom the Turkey.
  • 1,816
  • 20
As the sun rose without a gobble there we were; grinding it out on the same property I shot my bird on a week prior. Prior to the season, there were about four or five toms on this property. They were still here as evident by some close calls the week and weekend prior.

There was one bird...
The "Broken" Benelli Bird
  • 2,334
  • 33
My turkey season has not gone how I'd anticipated due to changing jobs a week before the season started. I was scheduled to have the first 10 days of the season off, but gave that up when I switched gigs. With my wife's new work schedule, I couldn't even hunt the first hour, and we were gone...
Ruger Mark IV Pistol Recall
  • 1,266
  • 4
Ruger recently discovered that all Mark IV™ pistols (including 22/45™ models) manufactured prior to June 1, 2017 have the potential to discharge unintentionally if the safety is not utilized correctly. In particular, if the trigger is pulled while the safety lever is midway between the "safe"...
Wicked Lights ScanPro IC Ultimate Headlamp Kit
  • 2,967
  • 23
I received this as a early Christmas present from my wife and girls. I told my wife I wanted a scan light for when I go out calling instead of using my kill light on my rife. That gun gets heavy fast as you use that as your scan light as well. I had seen these in the past but was worried about...
Tulster Kydex Holster Review
  • 10,086
  • 70
The more I carry a gun, the more my my preferences have evolved. I started with an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0, which is a relatively large hybrid dual-clip IWB holster. It's nice... It supports the weight very well, but I dislike the bulkiness and it's somewhat of a hassle to put on compared to...

Ohio Deer Season Countdown

September 28 2019
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