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  1. cotty16

    Alabama Rig

    You guys ever hear of, or use, an Alabama Rig? My dad said he was watching a fishing show and theyw ere talking about it in tournament fishing. All I know right now is that it mimicks a school of shad. Here are a few links if you are interested. If you have any insight, please share...
  2. So. Ohio Outfitters


    Looking to do an alabama hunt in late late january for Sudden Impact ....any good possible leads would be greatly appreciated
  3. DJK Frank 16

    Alabama Fan Poisons 130 Year Old Oak Tree

    http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/news/story?id=6129272 What a jackass... I also heard that a similar incident happened a few years back and the person was sentenced to 9 years. Hope this guy got the thrill/attention he was looking for, because I also read that the FEDS are involved...