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  1. A

    Apple Trees/Pear/Fruit

    How many of you try to plant apple/pear/peach trees on your farms every year? I try too, I normally pick up trees all over place. I noticed Walmart had some trees out already, I thought about buying a few and getting them in the ground this weekend. Is it too early, to plant trees?
  2. Diablo54

    Mass Apple Production Kit

    Moundhill and I had ingenious idea. It all started when I had a truckload of apples.......... These apple bagging kits are for sale! 32$ Shipping and Handling are not included! First You need a truckload of apples In this kit you will get the following items Orange short shovel...
  3. Bowhunter57

    An Apple a Day?

    Years ago it was suggested that, 'an apple a day, keeps the doctor away'. However, since most of the doctors today are Muslim, I've found it that a bacon sandwich works best. :smiley_blink:
  4. hickslawns

    Apple Archery bow press on sale today only!

    I know jack squat about bow presses, but got an email today about the Christmas special from Bowhunterssuperstore.com website. They have been emailing daily specials all week. Today is the Apple Press bow press model "The Edge" for $239. Not sure if it is a good deal or not, but I know...