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  1. "J"

    Hey ArcherTL (TOM)

    WTH are those C-17 guys doing????? Good op's ck on the brake and thrust reverser :smiley_clap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaqVan6vnIs Can't get away with anything anymore rotflmao
  2. "J"

    Hey Archertl

    Tom, here's hoping you have a great birthday Airman....
  3. R

    Howdy from ArcherTL

    Got a letter through ArcherTL's girlfriend today, thought I'd share it with ya'll: Steve, Thank you for the letter. Its good to here from someone from TOO.com. Tell Jesse, Greg, Dale, JB and all the others I say hi. I'm kind of upset I'm missing hunting in the snow. On the other hand I...
  4. RedCloud

    ArcherTL ?

    Anybody know where he went lol. Havent seen hi chime in for awhile. Just wondering if he is out there still :D.