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  1. JPN

    Awesome morning

    I had an awesome hunt this morning with my cousin Marcus (Mao). We set up on the edge of a field where the birds were yesterday hoping they would still be around. As it got light we didn't hear anything and were getting a little worried. A few minutes later one gobbled about 80 yards away...
  2. E

    Awesome walleye fishing continues

    Fishing has been really good the past three days both casting and trolling. Monday, we trolled near A-can and pulled 35 nice eyes using stinger spoons, j-7's, and worm harnesses. Yesterday, the lake was angry early, but died down to a good drift and the eyes were on fire! We caught 36 walleye...
  3. Lundy

    Awesome pic

    Friend of mine in Michigan took this in his backyard recently. He said his dog and the fawn were nose to nose with both tails wagging away. After the pic he approached them and got down on his knees and the fawn came over to him and started "snuggling" with him. If that happened to me I...
  4. Schu72

    Awesome lease opportunity!

    Sorry guys but I had to post this!rotflmaorotflmaorotflmao http://akroncanton.craigslist.org/spo/2588613587.html
  5. finelyshedded

    Pretty awesome NEWS FLASH!

    For me this news I got this late morning was pretty cool! One of my best and closest friends from back home in Morgan County sent me a text saying that his son Adam just came in 2nd place in the bowhunter divison at the World IBO Championship in NY! I just wanted TOO share with y'all! Congrats...
  6. finelyshedded

    OVER 16 million hits and still going strong!

    Ya'll are gonna love this! Gather the family together and check this out, it's Hilarious!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGeKSiCQkPw&feature=player_detailpage