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  1. CJD3

    Lunch with Da Badger and Company

    What could be better... Sitting around a table catching up and eating red meat! Several of the TOO family got together for lunch today in Youngstown. It was nice to catch up and visit! Pictured from right TOO left are : Dale; (Badger) , His lovely bride- Joie Becky, (The lovely wife...
  2. Riverdude

    Where's Badger Been?

    Anyone hear from our friend Badger lately? Seems like I have not seen him posting on here for a while. :smiley_confused_vra
  3. TripleA88

    Ohio Badger

    Joe wanted me to post this up. When I ran through the pics, I thought it was a badger but I didnt think much of it. How common are they? Anyone else get pics of them? I'd hate to run into one of them at night walking to the stand.
  4. RedCloud

    Happy Birthday Badger !!!

    I hope you have a great B-day Dale. :smiley_candle::smiley_bestwishes::smiley_cheers:
  5. Dannmann801

    Hey Badger Clean out your PM box

    DUDE! PM wouldn't go thru.
  6. RedCloud

    Montana pics for Badger

    Here are a few of the Montana pics. I have to get a few more loaded into the laptop but I thought this was a good start.
  7. Milo


    When you heading to texas? do you guys go every year?