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  1. bigten05

    crappies bass and catfish

    Instead of turkey hunting like I should of last weekend I took some time and hit the water.we caught some good cats saturday night. Prolly 150 bass we kept a few because the place is over populated with them and we need too take some of the smaller ones out there not getten much size on them...
  2. 5Cent

    Eating bass

    Do you eat them? What do you look for when deciding to put one in the cooler? I have only tried LM once, guy at work had it for lunch, and it wasn't bad.
  3. Bowhunter57

    Gluttonous Bass

    I was fishing in Q area of the AEP (Ohio Power back when I was there) camp grounds, in a pond, down some gravel toll road. I was using ultra-light tackle with a texas-rigged puple worm, when a LM bass hit it. As it turns out the little guy was nearly a 1/2 lb. or about 8" long. When I pulled him...
  4. Bowhunter57

    Bare hands Bass Angler

    This guy found some very aggressive bass and thought he'd try sticking his fingers in the water to see if they'd bite...and they did. Interesting! :smiley_chinrub: http://www2.wkrg.com/news/2012/jun/05/fisherman-catches-bass-bare-hand-ar-3922721/ Bowhunter57
  5. brock ratcliff

    FOR SALE Nitro bass boat

    I'm selling mine. Its a 17 ft Nitro w 90 hp Johnson/Evinrude. Three new tires on trailer, three new batteries, new wheel bearings. 7olb Minn Kota on the bow. Hummingbird 3D Matrix 47 depth finder. Good boat, selling to get a bigger "walleye" boat.
  6. rossbows

    kids bass

    Took the boys out to day to a friends pond. Caught some nice blue gills and one nice bass on a blue gill. Windy but a good day.
  7. matt hougan

    White bass on the fly

    Got a little tip from a trusted friend about a hot spot on Caesars Creek where I can catch some white bass. Last year I was all hot to catch some on my 4wt fly rod. I went to the spot where I catch them running in the creek only to discover too much cover. Dang trees every where. I think these...
  8. Bowhunter57

    Personal best for my brother!

    My brother and I have been using the Scum Frog topwater lure and having good success with it. This morning we were out on Fergeson Reservoir and on his first cast, my brother landed this nice 17" largemouth bass. The summer is just getting started, so I hope there lots more to catch. Good...
  9. RedCloud

    Bass Pro Shop

    I am not happy at all. :tantrum: I just went and ordered my scope rings and according to their site the item was IN STOCK so I went ahead and placed my order. THEN my e-mail conformation The e-mail shows what I ordered and all of a sudden the scope rings that I just ordered because...
  10. Bowhunter57

    Topwater Bass

    I've been hitting a few of the larger farm ponds with some topwater lures and having good success. :smiley_bril: My kayak is allowing me access to areas that can't be reached from the shore, which has been part of catching so many bass, crappie and bluegill. This one was is 16" and was caught...
  11. U

    mixed bag caught today

    well the rain got em biting , 2 blue cats a flat head couple channel cats and two nice bass , didnt get pics of them all but did get video and will upload it as soon as i can
  12. hunterkid94

    First bass of 2011!

    Here is a video of my first bass of the year. It was caught using the same techniques that I posted in an earlier write up. I fished deep with a watermelon colored jig (5/16ounce) tipped with a large crawdad imitator. Please subscribe to my channel! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gv3bQLOUOA
  13. hunterkid94

    Its the bass time of year!

    As some of you have noticed at local ponds, the ice is starting to come off the ponds. You know what that means, bass fishing! Im not sure how many of you start fishing this early but I know I do. I like to get out there and find out what ponds, rivers, parts of lakes, are producing nice...
  14. DJK Frank 16

    Largemouth Bass - When to start fishing for them

    Guys, I have been out of the fishing game for several years now and have been wanting to get back into bass fishing. Probably just some local farm ponds here and there, but was just wondering, at what time of the year do you guys really start going after them? I also plan on crappie and...