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  1. Bigslam51

    Bat in boss' office

    So on Saturday at work while I was welding I got a tap on the shoulder and my buddy pointed to the ground and there was a bat just laying there. I picked it up, took it over to my other buddy who is scared shitless of anything and got him good with it. After that I was informed that I should...
  2. CJD3

    Obama at the Bat

    Very clever and funny Viewers may better understand this clip if you knew the original poem upon which this is based - "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Thayer - often considered one of baseball's greatest writings Click here: Obama at the Bat...
  3. Fluteman

    FOR SALE GamePlan Gear Bow Bat

    I've got a slightly used GamePlan Gear Bow Bat for sale. It is two years old, but I never used it last year, and only used it a half dozen times the year before. The thing looks brand new. Also, it is not the XL. I will post pictures up tomorrow for anyone interested. Looking to get $50...