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  1. ohio mossy oak

    "C" Cell Battery Modification for series 6 volts.

    I found this on the net a while ago an saved it.I figured I would pass it on.. The goal with this modification is to create an external battery cable for a 6V 4 "C" Cell series system. If your camera supports this configuration, then this mod should work for you.You may be able to use this...
  2. Jackalope

    Truth Cam - Battery Pack.

    . Milo wanted me to tell you guys that Primos just came out with an external battery pack for the truth cams. https://shop.primos.com/pc-1439-149-6v-steroid-battery-charger-combo.aspx
  3. jagermeister

    Bushnell TC Battery Life

    No pics to post... just wanted to let you guys know that my Bushnell finally burned out its first set of batteries. This camera ran continuously since late December of 2009, on 8 Energizer Ultimate Lithiums. It's one of the earlier 8 mp models, so I haven't had any of the firmware issues...
  4. Bowhunter57

    How much motor and battery, for a canoe?

    I just purchased an Old Town Saranac 146 XT canoe and it's 14' 6" and 79 lbs. I'm thinking that more motor means more battery...both of which are more money. I used to have a 17' aluminum canoe that I used a 23 lb. thrust motor on and it did pretty good. I'd say a 30 lb. or 40 lb. thrust...