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  1. Monster Raxx

    Bear Pics

    I am doing a DIY bear hunt on public ground here in MN with my son and a couple of buddies. Here are a few of the bears coming into my 3 bait sites.
  2. W

    Wva black bear

    I was reading on here and seen alot of folks wanting to hunt black bears , anyone willing to allow me and a partner a chance to hunt ohio, we will in return let 2 guys hunt here on our lease 1170 acres for a black bear thanks Doug
  3. W

    BEAR for DEER

    Just checking to see if anyone was interrested in trading a Black Bear hunt in wva for a Deer hunt in OHIO
  4. Quantum673

    Black Bear

    Just finished buying license for Minnesota Bear. This will be my second time hunting up there. This time I am taking a buddy with me. It will be his first bear hunt. We are hunting in Area 25 which is North East Minnesota just a few miles from the Canadian border. I love it up there. The...
  5. P

    Bear swap hunt

    Hi! Offering a great bear hunt in Quebec for a party of two. Nice cabin provided, I’ve been hunting bears for 40 years. I’m not shooting bears less than 300 pounds so the quality is there. No restrictions on bear size for you.Controlled hunting zone.Tree stands are provided or you can...
  6. hunna771

    Bear Recurve?

    What do you guys think of the Bear Archery Grizzly recurve? I've been lookin' at the 2012 model and i've shot a few arrows with it and i love it. What are the pro's and con's of it? Would i be better off with an older one? Thanks! :smiley_coolpeace:
  7. Thunderflight

    Bear Rug!!!!!

    Is done!!!! (but I don't have pictures yet) I just sent the taxidermist the final payment plus the money for shipping it to my mothers in Ohio. We're outta here on Saturday and hopefully it'll arrive next week.
  8. dante322

    FOR SALE girls bear apprentice

    Any of you who attended the bec shoot in july might remember chelseas bow...the pink camo one. She hasnt touched it since the shoot, I warned her that if she wasnt going to use it i was going to try to sell it to get at least some of my money back out of it. I tried an experiment about a...
  9. Longdraw

    A couple bear skulls

    Curran's buddys brought these over too me to clean up for them,the one skull is a tank
  10. swamp_donkey819

    unknow fred bear bow

    got this in on a trade, it says fred bear on the limbs and riser but doesnt say what model, can anyone help with info on it. like model name year ibo stuff like that
  11. swamp_donkey819

    DEAL 2009 fred bear showdown

    have a 2009 fred bear showdown, all set up, basic stuff, has whisker bisquit, s coil limbsavers stabalizer, trophy ridge 3 pin level sights, peep sight d loop, and quiver, 29 in draw 60-70lb right handed, accepting trade offers on other bows, will post a pic as soon as i can get one taken and...
  12. Schu72

    Black Bear Winterered in Twinsburg

    Saws this article this morning. This is not far from my home...probably ten miles or less. http://www.ohio.com/news/122643349.html
  13. R

    FOR SALE Fred Bear Takedown Limbs 35# Circa 1970-1973

    For sale is a set of Fred Bear Takedown limbs, 35#. Limbs are glass over wood, cream colored with black tips. Writing on the limbs includes the following: Patent #s: 2,842,113 D-204,065 3,415,241 3,502,063 Canada 1970 Serial number is faded but appears to be: A2I9186 Limbs appear to be in...
  14. JPN

    bear rug

    I just picked up my bear I shot last september. It was done by Greg Clossman in Zanesville, Ohio. Im really happy with how it turned out. Here he is before...
  15. Mike

    Maumee River Polar Bear Plunge

    I did it for the first time today and it was AWESOME! I would recommend this to everyone! Yeah it was cold, but rejuvenating at the same time.