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  1. finelyshedded

    Ohio State Buckeye Football 2013

    Just wanted to start a thread for us who follow the Buckeyes. I've been keeping an eye on their recruitment for the past few months and after a small lull here and there over the course of the summer they have quite a nice class shaping up. They are currently listed just a tad ahead of Bama for...
  2. Dannmann801

    Gun Show in Clark Co - Springfield Buckeye Gun Show

    Anybody ever been to this or another Buckeye Gun Show? Good selection, worth the time? What are the chances of finding some reloading supplies, maybe some bullet molds? Debating on how to spend my day tomorrow...
  3. finelyshedded

    Buckeye Fans.....

    Just in case it slipped your mind the OSU spring game is today at 1:00 here in Cincinnati at Paul Brown stadium. It will be taped then televised tonight on the BTN at 7:00. It will be live streamed on BTN2go and broadcasted on 97.1 FM or 1480 AM. I planned on going but it kinda snuck up on me...
  4. arjay

    buckeye big buck banquet

    I had a great time at the bbbc banquet last night thought i would post up some pics for you guys.
  5. arjay

    buckeye big buck banquet

    Anyone going or have been in the past? I got my invitation in the mail the other day, pretty excited about going this will be my first year not sure what to expect?
  6. aholdren

    Buckeye Basketball (GO BUCKS)

    Gotta be a fan of Buckeye Basketball if your a true Buckeye. I think Sullinger is one of the best big guys this year but I also think he is a drama queen, a true flopper when he takes charges. Craft is definitely the best point guard in the nation, this dude always has his hands on the ball...
  7. Longdraw

    Buckeye Big Buck Club Banquet

    Anybody else going this year its Sat April 2nd? Should be a big banquet there doing 2 season's at once,I am hoping my grandpa wins oldest new member he is 73
  8. R

    DEAL 25% off all items at BuckEye Cam store

    Receive 25% off any item in the BEC store (http://shop.buckeyecam.com) when using the coupon code RAMG from now thru the end of March! This would make the Apollo camera: $449.25! The Scent Smoker: $22.46
  9. H

    Buckeye Lake bowfishing

    Looking for someone that bowfishes Buckeye Lake. I trap and would be interested to get some carp to grind up for bait for next season. Let me know if any on here shoot there or any lakes around the Pleasantville,Baltimore, Fairfield Co. area. Would like to talk and maybe meet up sometime this...