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  1. Monster Raxx

    My buddy is whoppin my A$$!!!

    Every year I try and find a spot where I can get some cool pics of deer in water. For some reason I havent done that this year and my buddy is definitely whoppin my A$$ at getting some sweet water pics. Here are a couple of the better ones he has gotten so far.
  2. Mike

    Weekend Euro for my buddy

    I agreed to do my buddies Euro mount for him. I started yesterday and finished it up today. I made the display out of driftwood. It's his first Ohio deer and I was happy to do it for him even if I did blow brains all over myself with the pressure washer.:smiley_depressive:
  3. cynergyone

    Congrats to my buddy

    I need to congratulate my buddy. A good friend of mine Brad Harris who lives in Kansas has just been selected as the next host of Benelli's American Birdhunter. I guess Tom Knapp decided to hang it up. Brad is 24 years old, grew up in kansas and was previously the head of marketing for Wolf...
  4. aholdren

    My Buddy Bake's WOW WOW BUCK

    This is a buddy of mine that seems to put great deer on the ground every year. He got these trail cam pics and thats when he named him WOW WOW, cause thats the first thing he thought. He said this deer last year was about 130" eight. He deflated him Sat. evening.
  5. Ohiosam

    Kind of pissed off at a buddy.

    Rant mode ON So I have this friend that I take turkey hunting some. It started a few years ago after his wife died and I felt sorry for him. It's turned in to a tradition where he pretty much assumes I'll take him the first day. We always go to the same spot, a place where 3 landowners own a...
  6. U

    DEAL buddy heaters on sale

    cabelas has a sale on all buddy heaters right now , its looking like 20 bucks off regular price