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  1. bowhunter1023

    Short Reed Goose Calling Help

    I need some help fellas. My duck calling is adequate whether it be single or double reed. I bought a Field Proven Double Shot Poly last year that to me, sounds pretty solid. I also have two Zink calls, a PH-1 and PH-2 that give me another range of sounds. So in regards to ducks, I'm sitting...
  2. matt hougan

    Impromptu duck calling seminar

    Anyone going to Caesars Creek duck blind drawing on 8/18 I will be doing a duck calling seminar after the completion of the drawing. If you can stick around bring your calls and we'll have some fun.
  3. jagermeister

    Short Reed Goose Calling Instructional Videos

    The early goose season is almost upon us, fellas. And right now is the time to get those short-reeds back out of your blind bags and knock the dust off of them. I'm a long-time fan of Field Hudnall and his brother, Clay. In my opinion, Field is one of the best hunting videographer/editors...
  4. bthompson1004

    Calling all inland lake fly fishermen!

    I think that right now I'm really thinking about wanting to get into a fly rod. Where do I start? I don't need the top of the line gear and if I had to set a budget for starting out I would hope to stay around $100 for a good time...I don't even know if that sounds reasonable or not...
  5. matt hougan

    Duck Calling .05 (Reed Osciliation)

    Before anything else you have to be able to produce quality tone.
  6. matt hougan

    The basics of calling at incoming geese

    Again only the most basic information but enough to get you in trouble......LOL
  7. jagermeister

    Duck Calling Basics

    I posted this thread in the Waterfowl section, but I thought it was a good one for the Huntin School forum section as well. http://www.theohiooutdoors.com/showthread.php?6053-Duck-Calling-Basics&p=109497#post109497
  8. jagermeister

    Duck Calling Basics

    First and foremost, I'd like to say that I am in no way an expert waterfowl caller. However, over the past 12 years I've practiced enough to be able to hold my own in a duck blind. Without instruction or mentoring, learning to call ducks can be a frustrating task for a beginner. In my...
  9. Mike

    calling back to Earth

    George Bush, Queen Elizabeth and Vladimir Putin all die and go to hell. While there, they spy a red phone and ask what the phone is for. The devil tells them it is for calling back to Earth. Putin asks to call Russia and talks for 5 minutes. When he is finished the devil informs him that the...
  10. deerjunkie

    Calling all radio control flying nuts

    Just throwing this out there. I am NOT an RC guy myself, but I am looking for anyone in the North East Ohio area that is. Specifically, I am lookng for anyone that has, and is good at, flying radio controlled helicopters or anything similar like the 3 and 4 prop jobs. I can explain further...
  11. U

    i think i found my calling

    http://www.wtov9.com/news/26065705/detail.html we have had some real doozies working here at the dog pound , one dog they had for four months , i went to adopt him and he tried to bite me and the lady working there, i have been working with and training dogs for over 20 years , maybe i should...
  12. Jackalope

    Testing a new auto tagging system, hunting, deer, turkeys, slicktricks, midgets

    did it work? Yep. ) This has a potential to cause some issues.. It takes key words from the title and makes tags from them at the bottom of the thread.. If you click this tag it will show you all threads with a similar tag. Say you read a thread about coyote hunting. You can click the coyote...